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Why will refrigeration companies continue to grow in 2021?

time:2021-01-28 pv:843

Before and after the Chinese New Year in 2021, the epidemic situation of the new crown was repeated, and many places were elevated to high-risk areas. Many refrigeration people found that, relative to the fear and anxiety in 2020, they could calm down and calmly layout the next year. This is firstly related to the strong control measures, and secondly, they are full of confidence in the future development of the industry.

Refrigeration to meet the highlights of the time, the growth of refrigeration people more confident

From the second quarter of 2020, freezing and refrigeration once again ushered in the highlight moment, from cold storage board, refrigeration unit, two units, compressors and other enterprises, to cold storage engineers and distributors, said that at the beginning of the epidemic, the company may not survive, but never expected to wait for a huge outbreak of demand.

Engineering business is the bridge between the manufacturer and Party A, they can feel the market feedback more directly, a Hunan engineering business told reporters, "in March, a lot of Party A asked us to deliver the goods, when the logistics is blocked, can only use their own cars to transport the products to the high-speed port, so that customers to take.

At the end of December, Hunan subsidy policy is about to expire, and Party A is going to call the phone and see the real retaliatory consumption."

Engineering business is so busy, factory hasn't let more, jiangsu the jingchuang electric co., LTD. Cold storage iot group sales director Mr Becky also said: "to be honest, in February 2020, have an impact on sales or in March, but in April, we present a spurt of growth, especially the double tenth one activity, we achieved sales of 25 million, light electric cabinet this item, has sold 30000 units."

Qingdao three-dimensional Dr. Zhao Youxin also pointed out, "medicine, medical, biological, fine chemical, instrumentation and other similar industries of refrigeration, testing equipment ushered in the outbreak."

Qingdao 3D is skilled in the field of pharmaceutical cold storage, and has basically undertaken a large number of pharmaceutical cold storage projects in 2020.

This growth is not individual behavior, basically can be said to be the industry general rise, Zhejiang Sanhua Refrigeration Group Co., Ltd. Director of Marketing Mr. Meng Xinyang pointed out, "many customer feedback too late production, such as cold storage, refrigerated transportation industry growth of more than 30%, and even 40, 50%.

Under the strategy of "internal circulation", it is optimistic about the refrigeration industry

Why refrigeration can continue to be popular, many experts and business people including Sanhua Meng pointed out that the catalytic effect of the epidemic, the uninterrupted cold chain subsidies, and the policy support of internal circulation contributed to the outbreak of the market.

In fact, as early as February 2020, "refrigeration business" pointed out that the epidemic is not only the touchstone of the benign operation of the enterprise, or the opportunity of the enterprise curve overtaking.

During the SARS period, the refrigeration industry also suffered a great impact, but after the end of the epidemic, the industry rebounded very obviously.

Therefore, it is predicted that after the end of the new crown epidemic, the industry will also usher in a wave of "retaliatory" consumption, which is the catalytic effect of the epidemic.

Of course, the catalytic action can not be completed without the "double cycle" strategy of the catalyst.

On May 14, 2020, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau proposed the concept of "two cycles".

Then on May 23, during the two sessions, it stressed the need to "gradually form a new development pattern with domestic cycles as the mainstay and domestic and international cycles mutually reinforcing each other".

On June 18, Vice Premier Liu He said at the opening ceremony of the Lujiazui Forum that "a new pattern of double cycle development is taking shape, with domestic cycle as the main one and international and domestic mutually reinforcing development".

Mr. Li Yiqiang, chairman of Qianghua Information, pointed out: "The good form of the industry in 2020 is largely attributed to the good policy of 'domestic circulation'."

The internal cycle is the domestic supply and demand form a cycle.

Internal cycles are not new today, they have always been there.

For example: provinces and cities to introduce cold storage subsidy policies, merchants take the money, find cold storage engineering to build cold storage, engineering companies take the money to domestic refrigeration enterprises to buy products, enterprises get the money, pay wages to workers, workers get the money, and go to consumption, this is the inner cycle of the economy.

In the face of the epidemic, people once again realized the importance of "rice bags", "vegetable baskets", "meat plates", "fruit boxes" and "medicine boxes". Data in 2018 showed that China's refrigerated storage capacity per capita was only 0.132 cubic meters, Japan's 0.315 cubic meters, the United States' 0.49 cubic meters and Canada's 0.316 cubic meters.

Storage capacity per capita in the Netherlands, followed by the United States, Japan, Germany.

Therefore, under the "internal circulation", the market is very optimistic about the cold chain logistics industry. After all, food is the first thing for people, disease medicine is the first, and the security and safety of food and medicine is the political basis.

2021 adhere to expand domestic demand, refrigeration enterprises think about how to better enhance the happiness of the people

On January 19, 2021, the Ministry of Commerce released the operation of the consumer market in 2020 and the work of promoting consumption.

According to the introduction, in 2021, the Ministry of Commerce will adhere to the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand, focus on removing obstacles, strengthen weak links, comprehensively promote consumption, improve the modern circulation system, and effectively enhance the basic role of consumption in economic development.

Li Yiqiang, chairman of qianghua information company, stressed that China has a large population and a large market, while there is still a lot of untapped potential in the Chinese market.

The mismatch between the improvement of people's living standards and the scarce supply of advanced and high-quality goods and services has given the refrigeration industry room to develop the domestic market.

Therefore, China needs to create domestic demand through innovation and high-quality supply. At the same time, in view of the current domestic and foreign environment, China also needs to support and promote the external cycle with innovation and high-quality supply to a larger scope, a higher level and a wider range of areas.

For example: fresh agricultural products because of cold storage problems derived from individual food safety incidents, in the relevant equipment upgrade, improve, can be effectively avoided.

For example, the Internet of Things electric control box, due to many factors such as the price, there was no large-scale outbreak in the past few years. In 2020, because of the epidemic, many users could not send people to watch, and there was no Internet of Things electric control box for monitoring, which caused great losses to the cold storage operation.

So now on the contract of new cold storage, many customers specify to use the Internet of Things electric control box.

Like air conditioning storage is suitable for all kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, seedlings and other storage and preservation in the north and south of China.

It can inhibit the breeding and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, control the occurrence of some physiological diseases, and reduce the fruit decay rate.

Delay the ripening and senescence process, keep the fruit hardness for a long time, have a long shelf life, high economic benefit.

The service life of the cold storage can reach 30 years, and the economic benefit is very significant.

Especially in recent years, the whole society diligently pursue food safety, green cold chain, air conditioning fresh-keeping can meet.

Another example is vaccine safety. It is a serious violation of the law to stipulate that vaccines must be transported and stored in cold chain conditions and transported and stored out of cold chain conditions. But how to effectively and constantly monitor and manage vaccines under cold chain transportation?

As an enterprise conforming to the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics qualification standard, Jingchuang has a series of internet-connected recorder products to meet the demand of ultra-low temperature cold chain transportation, and more mature data solutions to meet the high standard of vaccine cold chain logistics system and pharmaceutical cold chain products.

Therefore, now the national rabies vaccine 90% of the cold chain transport, are provided by Jing Chuang cold chain detection.

The development of refrigeration and refrigeration equipment enterprises keep innovating and provide high-quality equipment and products, which can not only reduce the loss of related products, but also drive the cross-season balanced sales of products and increase the economic income of farmers.

At the same time, it can enrich People's Daily life and meet their requirements for the quality of agricultural products.

Of course, it can also strengthen the safety of food and medicine, which will play a very good role in the stability of the whole social order.