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How about cold storage? How to deal with it?

time:2021-01-28 pv:739

With the passing of the New Year's Day, the domestic epidemic has started a new round of rebound. How to prevent and control the import of foreign epidemic diseases has become extremely grim. Cold chain food and cold storage have become particularly important.

Imported cold chain food needs to pass the customs security check and can be normally sent to the warehouse of the consignee after the security check. During the circulation and transportation of cold chain food, drivers and transportation personnel should maintain personal hand hygiene and be diligent.

The car should be equipped with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, lotion and paper towels on a regular basis.

Cold storage food packaging

It is recommended that the transporter remove or store the delivered item prior to contact.

For reusable containers, proper sanitation and sanitation should be performed on a regular basis.

Surfaces that are easily contaminated with the virus, such as steering wheels, door handles and mobile devices that are often touched by human hands, should be regularly tested.

Cold storage product transport vehicles

To prevent contamination of cold-chain food, drivers need to ensure that transport vehicles, handling tools and containers are clean and tidy.

When mixing goods, and when loading vehicles, food should be separated from other goods that may cause contamination to avoid contamination as much as possible.

Nanjing gelibe for the current cold chain food virus control of efficient product application and the whole cold chain system, such as cold storage, cold air system, launched a series of descaling products, used in evaporative cooling, host condenser, oil removal products are mainly used in the maintenance market, as well as oil removal of industrial components, etc.

How to do it indoors

Qingbo insect control reminds the home to often open the ventilation window, air circulation can effectively reduce the content of microorganisms in the indoor air, and dilute the content of local viruses and bacteria.

However, the outdoor temperature is usually lower in winter.

Frequent opening of the window usually causes the temperature in the room to change too quickly, which can cause colds and fevers.

Sunlight is the anti-virus software given by nature to human beings. Open the window, let the sun shine on the whole house, and use the ultraviolet ray in the sun to achieve the purpose of disinfecting bacteria, and improve the indoor temperature. This method is applicable to the house with large Windows.

Hand hygiene of staff

It is recommended that staff should strengthen personal protection during work, wear disposable surgical masks or surgical masks, disposable gloves, and strengthen hand hygiene measures.

When at high risk, you can choose N95 or above protective masks and gloves (gloves must be replaced in time to prevent cross-contamination).

Practice hand hygiene at work by washing your hands under running water with hand sanitizer (or soap) or rubbing your hands with hand sanitizer.

Pay attention to personal hygiene, sneezing, coughing with elbow or tissue cover;

Wrap nasal and mouth discharge with tissue paper and dispose of it in a dustbin with a lid.