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Function of refrigeration equipment

time:2021-01-28 pv:1458

Function of refrigeration equipment:

1. Cool

In the design and manufacture of air conditioners, it is generally allowed to control the temperature between 16°C and 32°C.

If the temperature is set too low, on the one hand, it will increase unnecessary power consumption.

On the other hand, when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too big, people can't adapt to the temperature change quickly when they enter and leave the room, and they may catch a cold.

2. The desiccant

During cooling, air conditioning is accompanied by dehumidification.

The relative humidity of the environment in which people feel comfortable should be about 40-60%.

When the relative humidity is too high (say above 90%), people will still feel uncomfortable even when the temperature is within the comfort range.

3. The heating

Heat pump type and electric heating type air conditioners have heating function.

With the decrease of outdoor ambient temperature, the heating capacity becomes smaller and smaller.

If the temperature is -5°C, the heating requirement is barely met.

4. Clean the air

The air contains a certain amount of harmful gases, such as NH3, SO2, etc., and various odors, such as sweat and bathroom odor.

Air conditioning purification methods include: fresh air, filtration, activated carbon or photocatalyst adsorption and absorption.

A. Replace with fresh air: Use A fan system to exhaust damp indoor air to the outside, thus creating A degree of negative pressure in the room. Fresh air enters the room through the surrounding window and window gaps to improve the indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality.

B. Photocatalyst: can be regenerated under the irradiation of light, releasing adsorbed (collected) ammonia, nicotine, acetic acid, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, can be reused.